I came across this company while doing some research on powdered vitamin supplements. Zeal is run by a company called Zurvita, which is a company who uses word of mouth marketing for the majority of their business. I contacted one of their reps, and they sent me their product to try out.
I received their wellness formula, which is basically a powdered nutrition supplement containing an all-natural blend and whole food concentrates. That means no artificial anything (dyes, flavorings, and all those other nasty things we don’t want in our body).


As you can see, It contains a wide array of superfood extracts and all natural ingredients. There are a few stimulants in the blend as well including ginseng, guarana seed, and green tea extract, so take that into consideration if your plan on taking this before bed. I like the use of stevia as one of the sweeteners, as well as the antioxidant power from the goji, blueberry and acai.
Another thing that you don’t see common is the use of “sprouted” ingredients in supplements. This is the stage when the plant is most nutrient dense as it is growing, and is the perfect time to catch the nutritional benefits of different seeds
Zeal Recommends that you mix 1 scoop with 6 ounces of water. I prefer juice for the extra calories. It mixes well with a fork, It does however make a cloudy drink, which is expected from the rice bran. I actually use much less liquid and make it more of a nutritional “shot”, But to each his/her own.
At first, I tried their “Bold Grape” Flavor. I’ll be honest, It was not what I was used to. The main ingredient in the formula is rice bran; which although is super nutrient dense, it has a sort of off-putting taste. However, zeal did a pretty good job covering up the taste using the grape flavor. And you also have to look at it from a natural standpoint. It doesn’t taste super delicious like most people are used to, but that’s because most people are used to artificial grape flavorings.
I spoke with the rep who gave me the samples and she suggested mixing with grape juice. I tried this and it made it much better.I also tried the “Wild Berry” flavor, which I enjoyed much more. Neither taste bad by any means, I just prefer the “Wild Berry.”

Overall, Zeal as a whole is a terrific company with a great product, with many job opportunities as well for those who are interested in making a little side cash or as a career. I love the Wellness Formula, the fact that it’s all natural far outweighs the less then perfect taste. I can’t speak on Zeal’s other products such as their “Zeal Protein Shakes” and “Zeal Cleanse”, which I hope to try in the future, *Hint Hint Zeal*, But from what I have had, I’d say they are a terrific company who uses ingredients the way they were meant to be used, whole and not overly processed. Great job Zeal. Be sure to check out this product and more by clicking here.

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